Do you qualify for termination of proceedings?

What is a termination of proceedings?

Termination of Proceedings can be requested on a case where the Department of Homeland Security cannot sustain the charges in the Notice to Appear (NTA); where the NTA is improperly issued, or when you have relief immediately available outside the Court. When an I-130 family relative petition is approved and there are no issues that would prevent you from filing an adjustment of status application with the Service, I recommend seeking termination of proceedings with the EOIR.

Changing this scenario a little, when you have an I-130 approval and are unable to adjust with the USCIS, but are eligible to apply for the I-601A Stateside Provisional Waiver, requesting termination of proceedings may not work. However, do not leave the country without terminating proceedings before the Court, as you may self-deport.

If you believe your case qualifies for termination of proceedings, call me today as I have successfully handled many requests for termination of proceedings.

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